BadAss Race Start: 7:30AM-1:30PM    *6 Hour Cut-Off*

Mandatory Pre Race Meeting: 7:00AM

Registration costs:

$60 - This includes your race, post race lunch, and a chance to win one of many generously donated draw prizes

The first 30 registered will receive  a surprise sponsor gift plus a special Bad Ass race swag. 

You must complete at least 4 loops to be considered a BadAss and receive your BadAss swag!

Optional $30 - Long sleeved technical shirt if ordered prior to Oct 20, 2020.  Fat Ass Logo on the front and a new sassy saying on the back. Color and style to be determined. Examples of previous shirts:



     The Ontario Ultra and Trail races (OUTRace) is comprised of the Ontario Trail Series (OTS)

     and the Ontario Ultra Series (OUS), which evolved to provide Ontario runners with a venue

     for competing in a series of races. The trail series races are less than the marathon distance

     (typically 25K) and the ultra series races are longer than a marathon (50K up to 100 miles).

     Runners who compete in an OTS or OUS race are automatically entered into the series.


Prizes: The male and female completing the most loops in 6 hours will receive a Top BadAss prize.

Draw prizes will be done while you are running and will be put on a table with your name in the chalet for pick up when you have finished.  


Parking: There is parking available at the ski hill, school, and community centre. Please consider car pooling! 


Race kit pickup: You can pick up your bib and optional items (if applicable) on race morning at the Bata Ski Chalet 7:45-9:45AM,    99 Ski Club Lane Batawa ON

Surfaces: You may encounter grass, mud, rocks, tree roots, old rail bed, water, snow and or ice.


Elevation: YES and lots of it. The course is a 7.5k loop. You will go up and down and up and down the back and side of the ski hill each loop. You will receive credit and a time for each completed loop prior to 1:30PM. 

Markings: We use signs and surveyors flags to mark.  There are NO mile markers so if you need to know how far you have gone wear a Garmin.  If you get lost easily keep your head up, your eyes open and keep your ear buds at home.


Aid Stations: There are 2 aid stations on the BadAss route which you will pass 3 times per loop . There will be water, coke, sweet and salty snacks.   Feel free to bring a bag and/or cooler to leave at the start/finish line. If it's not mentioned here don't expect it, if you want it bring it, if we surprise you with something not mentioned...great!


We love them and encourage their presence on our weekly trail runs HOWEVER to ensure runners safety we must ask that you leave your furry friends at home.



Please please leave your headphones at home as it detracts from the whole trail experience as well as limits your interaction with others and your environment. We have found that runners wearing headphones tend to get lost more frequently, miss trail directions and are unaware of other runners trying to pass.  



Please abide by the "take out what you bring in and leave nothing but footprints" moto. We are here by the graciousness of Mrs. Bata and the Bata Corporation so while it is wilderness it is privately owned. Leave all garbage at aid stations.


Other Stuff

A quick moving trail runner, especially one who seemingly emerges from out of nowhere on an unsuspecting trail user, can be quite alarming. Give a courteous and audible announcement well in advance of your presence and intention to pass others on the trail stating something like, “On your left,” as you approach. Show respect when passing, by slowing down or stopping if necessary to prevent accidental contact. Be ready to yield to all other trail users (bikers, hikers, horses) even if you have the posted right of way. Uphill runners yield to downhill runners in most situations.

We do not condone bandit runners.  Not only are bandits a serious safety and liability concern they can jeopardize the issuance of future permits and insurance.


Please leave your alcohol for post-race celebrations.

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